We extensively test potential new products before we add them to our catalogue. Here are some of the products currently being tested. If you would like to write a review on a product and give us feedback to help us only supply quality items that help our customers make the most of the outdoors, please let us know.

New Product being developed, What is it ?

We have started developing a new product which we do not believe has been developed or sold anywhere before. Keep you eye on our website where we will launch it first once testing have been completed.

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Anti-Shock Hiking Poles

If you have never walked with poles you should give it a try. it is amazing how much they can help you both in balance but also support you especially when walking up or down hill. These poles come with several baskets so are useful for a variety of terrains. I will...

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Rechargeable LED Camping Light / Power Pack

This is a great little camping light. When I saw this I was surprised with its size, it is slightly smaller than I thought but now I have used it I think it is an ideal size. I took this with me on a recent trip to Europe and it never let me down. It can easily be...

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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

When I first handled this speaker I was impressed with the quality of it. You are supposed to be able to connect to a Bluetooth device very easily, I normally find that it is never that easy; however I was surprised to find that it linked to my iPhone straight away...

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how do you test a bio-degradable mug

we are looking at a range of bio-degradable tableware to possibly bring to you. We never launch a product until it has been tested by the team. However these bio degrade in about 2 years even though they are dish washer safe. We don't want to wait that long to see if...

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