If you have never walked with poles you should give it a try. it is amazing how much they can help you both in balance but also support you especially when walking up or down hill.
These poles come with several baskets so are useful for a variety of terrains. I will be taking them on my next skiing trip. They were also fully adjustable between 63cm and 135cm so will suite most people.and are lightweight aluminium.

The  poles feel very well made and the slide mechanism feels quality and moves freely. There is a scale on the poles so that you can adjust them to the same length every time. The locking mechanism works very well and feels secure, it used a cam and lever system which is a lot easier than a twisting system used on some poles. Once they are locked off they feel solid.
I like the feel of the handles they are sculptured to fit the hand and with the adjustable the wrist straps, they feel secure to use.
The poles are supplied with 2 baskets (snow and trekking), these are simply screwed on the poles and feel very strong and secure once in place.
Overall I like the feel of these poles they have now been handed to one of our team for them to test, i will update you with his feedback in due course..
You can get your hands on these poles in our store.Click Here