We all live busy lives and as such need to plan our leisure time and recreational activities, although this works most of the time, occasionally a spur of the moment decision can lead to some of the most memorable or thrilling adventures. One such occasion happened to me a few years ago. I have always enjoyed sport and being in the outdoors, I was therefore always looking for new and exciting things to try. when you surround yourself with people who love sport and the outdoors, you are lucky enough to often get the chance to try something new with someone who can give go hints and tips. A friend of mine asked if I fancied going rock climbing with him, I had newer tried this before so of course I jumped at the chance. I am not scared of heights and will be on a rope so it cannot be that difficult; I thought.Having arrived at the site for our climb I looked up the cliff face and thought maybe this will be more difficult that I thought. My friend set about setting up the climb, it was to be a top belay climb. I had done a little bouldering before so was aware of the general technique to use. Having spent a while watching my friends climb and studying the route to take, it was finally my turn and I was ready for the challenge.

Find out what happened next in part 2. Check back here in the next few days.