I was impressed with the feel of this tarp when I first used it. It looks well-made and the eyelets seem very secure. There are 6 eyelets on the tarp which seem strong and so far have not shown signs of wearing.I intend to test the strength further by leaving it out during strong winds to see what it can really do. I do however feel confident that it will be up to the job.
It is supplied to 2 sets of 4 guide ropes of different length so there is plenty to use. The pegs are very small, so you may want to use different ones depending on the environment.
One side of the tarp has a silver surface, I am not sure if this will reflect and heat back. I am also thinking that the tarp could be placed on the ground in my tent to sleep on, the silver side may reflect a little heat back. I will give it a go anyway and let you know if it has any effect. Overall I think this is ideal for hammock camping but can also be used for a variety of outdoor uses.

You can get your hands on one Here