The Hammock Pillow®




The Hammock Pillow®

World Exclusive
Th Hammock Pillow is a Registered ® designed (6062349) manufactured exclusively by Above and Beyond Outdoors. We have done extensive research to design this cushion specially to be used in a hammock. As far as we are aware nobody in the world sells a product like this and it has a registered design.
The cushion is designed to hang in your hammock by the adjustable strap and so can be adjusted to your personal head height. It is triangular in shape to perfectly fit within your hammock. The cushion is made from Ripstock material so will not rip and can be easily cleaned. The cushion is not very thick as we tested many thicknesses and found that a thin cushion supported the head but did not lift the head and become uncomfortable.
Why not treat yourself to the perfect accompaniment to your hammock.

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