When I first handled this speaker I was impressed with the quality of it. You are supposed to be able to connect to a Bluetooth device very easily, I normally find that it is never that easy; however I was surprised to find that it linked to my iPhone straight away and was up and running in minutes. The quality of the sound is very good for such a small device. I was more concerned about it being too loud and disturbing other campers so volume is not a problem.I have used it on many occasions whilst camping and it has not failed me. I did manage to leave it out overnight and it got wet but this did not effect its performance.It is supplied with a USB cable to charge it so can easily be charged it the car or even one of the portable power packs.

As it is small and light it can easily slip into a bag or pocket for your camping trip, perfect for a sing song around the camp fire.


You can get your hands on one Here